Group Aims

GCWA exists primarily to

conserve & enhance the biodiversity, cultural & recreational values of Gearrchoille oakwood in Ardgay

Membership is open to all - please join us, the wood belongs to the community!

Here is our Membership Form


Gearrchoille Community Wood Ardgay is a company limited by guarantee, and a registered charity.  It was formed to take ownership of the wood. 

The Company objects are -

To conserve, preserve and protect the Gearrchoille Community Wood Ardgay for the benefit of the public and in particular for the inhabitants of Kincardine and Croick;

To conserve, preserve and protect the wildlife, flora and fauna of the Gearrchoille Community Wood for the benefit of the aforesaid persons;

To advance the education of aforesaid persons about Gearrchoille Community Wood, its wildlife, flora and fauna and the conservation, preservation and protection thereof; 

To provide, in the interests of social welfare, facilities for recreational or other leisure-time occupation with a view to improving the aforesaid persons’ conditions of life.  And in furtherance thereof but not otherwise;

To work alone or in partnership with any organisation, agency, authority or other body to establish, manage and improve woodlands in the said area including access, recreation, conservation, environmental and cultural matters.

To encourage community involvement in the management of local woodlands, and

To prepare, review and implement alone or in partnership management plans, schemes and proposals for the attainment of the objects of the Company.


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